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The South Carolina Solar Business Alliance's mission is to create a positive business environment for solar energy in South Carolina by advocating for legislative and regulatory changes to existing barriers.



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The SBA actively works with the State's regulatory bodies of the Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) and the Public Service Commission (PSC) in ensuring proper treatment of solar assets in the State.


Influencing new legislation and implementing policy relating to the growth of the solar industry in the state is the SBA's main priority as an organization.  The majority of the SBA's funds are allocated towards these efforts.


By working closely with the utilities in the state, the SBA has been effective in promoting change and reform.  The spirit of coming together by all parties is a model the SBA promotes to all its members. 



The potential for solar development across the residential, commercial, and utility-scale market in South Carolina is now a reality.  Since the passing of one of South Carolina Solar Business Alliance LLC's (SBA) key policy achievements, ACT 236, popular support and broad acceptance of solar energy's benefits are being realized by customers, land owners, utilities, state legislature and the SBA's members.  The SBA represents the business interests of solar companies before the legislature, regulatory, and utility policy makers in South Carolina.  Advocating for policy reforms that support solar development is the core mission of the SBA.  As the voice of solar businesses, our recommendations and lobbying is influencing the policy reforms under review.  As the state moves forward, the SBA is organized, focused, and dertermined to continue its efforts in making South Carolina a viable solar market.

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SBA Board Members Bret Sowers, Steffanie Dohn,  Tyson Grinstead, Andrew Berrier, and  Tyler Norris look on as South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signs the Clean Energy Act into law.



For any inquiries, questions or to join the SBA please fill out the following form. For any press inquiries, please contact us at (803) 252-1087.



South Carolina Solar Business Alliance

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